Lorillard Maccoboy Snuff Tin

Lorillard Maccoboy Snuff Tin

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Very early (Ginna Litho) 5 lb. tin litho snuff tin.

Sold at: Wm Morford Antiques

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Product Description

Product Description
Lorillard Maccoboy Snuff Tin: Very early (Ginna Litho) 5 lb. tin litho snuff tin. Exceptionally nice looking tin has good color and excellent look w/ some light scattered background scuffing and a little light overall wear (some rusting on inside w/ a few non-detracting tiny pinholes); lid has heavier wear (body displays as 7.5+/8: lid 7+/-).

Size: 6-3/8 x 7.5 x 5
Date of Sale: 6/23/06

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Dimensions 6-387.55 in


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