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AntiqueAdvertising.com is the place for antique advertising collectors, dealers and hobbyists to find verified prices (with detailed descriptions), informative articles, an events calendar and a forum for sharing information on the hobby. We specialize in antique advertising signs, tins, trays, displays and related vintage smalls. With decades of experience, we recognized the need for a free, always available on-line price guide an for a community dedicated to antique advertising where people can openly research, exchange and communicate information and display their collections.  Collectors of all levels are welcome to join us and share their knowledge, collections and experiences. Join our community and be sure to like us on our facebook page for items of the day, blog updates and more.

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We currently offer over 10,000 photos with actual verified sales prices (including any buyers premiums). All prices posted have been verified by the listers and include detailed descriptions, condition reports and sizes. We will continue to add to the price guide on a regular basis and encourage members to make comments on the pieces as well as submit favorite items from their collection.

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We have created a social network platform where members can connect and create a profile to share their interests and expertise while allowing members to send messages and become friends on our site. You can post your questions and comments to our open forum and receive feedback from other members of our community. Our goal here is to establish a place for collectors to connect and bring new interest to the world of antique advertising. For more information on how to use our social network, just click here. This site is a work in progress and we encourage to contact us with your feedback and ideas on how we can make the site more useful to you.

We welcome all visitors to become part of the community by signing up here and participating on the forum and commenting on the items in our guide

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