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There are a range of features on this website to help antique dealers, collectors and hobbyists connect and learn about a wide range of antiques and collectables.


Using the Price Guide

We have assembled a comprehensive database of over 10,000 antiques, complete with a description, details on the brand and manufacturer, details on its condition, dimensions, photos, the date it was sold and the price it was sold for. When we have been able to verify the price you will see “certified” displayed beside it.

You can browse the Price Guide by category or use the main search function at the top of the site to further narrow-down the results.
You can also choose whether to search all categories or a selection. You can filter by price and/or by the user that submitted the listing to us, and you can also sort the results by name, popularity, date uploaded and price.

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Stay informed of upcoming auctions by checking up on the Events page. From here you can seamlessly export events that interest you directly into your Google Calendar or iCal accounts.

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